Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh that smells TERRIBLE!

says Little Guy about the molasses I am adding to the chewy chocolate ginger cookie recipe. His vocabulary is expanding so quickly these days.

colds are not fun

Little L got her first true cold this weekend, complete with fevers at night and snotty running nose during the day. The poor baby has just learned to climb the stairs and now will just go on up to bed if she is feeeling peaky... I hope she is feeling better soon. It seems like my kids are always sick at the holidays.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby in a Pink Chair

I covet this pink chair of the Herbalist's. One day I will have one just like it, but until then I must borrow hers.

Little L is growing up so quickly. Yesterday she started to get her two top teeth in.... she says Mama and Dada and Hiiiii. When she gets exited she flails her whole body, throws her head all the way back and chuckles her deep little chuckley laugh. She is going to be one of those people who really knows how to deeply enjoy life. Her first birthday is fast approaching as I am desperately trying to hold on to every last baby moment I can.

The Herbalist

I have a new friend. She is an Herbalist. She gave me tinctures to cure my cold. I gave her swine flu. She still likes me. I am lucky.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lost and Found

We have a habit of losing thing in my house. Random things like the little metal piece that fits into the bottom of the treadmill that lets it unfold so you can run on it, and a random piece of racetrack leaving you almost able to use it, but not quite. A few weeks ago, Mister lost the back to his mp3 player, the little plastic piece that covers up the battery. i knew that the baby had been playing with the mp3 player - she is strangely attracted to technological gadgets and sugar - but I had no idea what had happened to that little piece. We looked high and low, inside and out (OK mister did, I gave a cursory glace around and gave up), but the missing piece was ne'er to be found.

This morning Little Guy brought me the acoustic 3/4 size guitar that we keep down in the basement for the kids to play with. because he had stuck a Matchbox Firetruck in the hole part of the guitar and he wanted me to get it out. The guitar is one of those things that I bought because I intended to learn how to play it, but once I realized that your fingers actually HURT when you are learning to play guitar, I gave up. Well I managed to get the firetruck out, but there was still something rattling around in there. Something flat and small and I couldn't get a good grip on it. Finally, after much tipping and turning and shaking and grasping it tumbled down to where I could manage to extract it. Yep - there it was - the back to the mp3 player.

I wonder where that ractrack will turn up....