Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fly, baby, fly!

Miss A, your gallery is up! It was lovely to spend time with you, precious one!

Wiiid out

BFF's hubby - He told Little Guy to go to bed. Little Guy said, Ok! This is what we found when we got back from girls' night out....

Spring is in full swing!

Spring is moving right along here in Georgia. We have planted our garden Mister has been slaving away outside and so far we have tomatoes, squash, broccoli, pepper plants, beans, blue berries, roses, basil, mint, parsley (the curly kind) and one lone corn stalk growing. Some critter keeps eating my chive plant, which is a real bummer since it is the herb I was looking forward to using the most. Happily I have a secondary chive plant in the house, but it is one of those stringly seedy ones, not the common organic blossomy ones that I love the best. Oh well.

I have been taking field trips with Little Guy during the week, while G is still in school.. I cannot believe she will be finished with 1st grade next Friday! Wow, that was quick! This summer I am going to try to get them both down to the Botanical gardens and the zoo a few times, and maybe a day trip somewhere fun, like the Cabbage Patch Baby nursery in Cleveland.

This weekend both of the older kids had their gymnastics performances - or just "nastics" as Little Guy calls it. Mister tries to correct him, but I think the mispronunciation is too cute to change. They both did really well, even though Little Guy was a bit apprehensive at first. G qualified to move up to intermediate level next year if she chooses to stick with it. She did really well on her vault and floor exercise today - I was thoroughly impressed. Little Guy was just happy to have gotten a medal (for participation of course)

Little L is running all around these days and she knows 4 words - Mama, Dada, Rye-Day-uh, (right there!), and HEY! She uses these creatively - anything she wants is a Mama. If there is something she sees that interests her, she points to it and says "Rye-Day-uh!" until you tell her what it is and give her a narrative of what it is doing (Yes, that is a dog! See how it is sitting there, shedding all over the carpet? Good dog!) Dada is only for her father, and HEY! is an outburst of indigence (You put her down to wash they dishes and she smacks your leg yelling HEY! You try to put her in her carseat and she protests, screaming HEY! Hey! HEY! She wants to show you something and you aren't looking at her, she hollers HEYYAH!) She's kind of a loud one.

The violets are coming up these days - they are my favorite kind of ground cover, so pretty and so easy to grow. I remember when I was a little baby my sisters used to sing me a song about violets..

sweet violets,
sweeter than all the roses,
covered all over from head to toe,
covered all over in sweet violets.

Ahhh, spring.