Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what a day to begin *breathing*

Today I witnessed a miracle. Welcome, Eli. I hope you like it here.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Little Man is still feeling ill today. He's had a fever that spikes up to 103 since Friday. When he has Tylenol in him, he's a rowdy Little Man, but when it wears off, he dissolves into a puddle of hot messes. Poor guy. Maybe tomorrow will bring him some healing. He's never been sick like this before....

I had a shoot at a baby naming ceremony today. It went well, but I kept running outside to sneeze so I didn't get germies near the babies. Have you ever sneezed when you aremultigravida? Sneezed repeatedly? And then coughed? No, it's not good.

After the shoot I went to Costco to pick up some really fun things, like dog food and milk. Oh, and gas. While I was there I also grabbed a few pairs of knit cotton bermuda shorts, which should fit me through the summer as long as I don't get too big too soon. I immediately put them on. They are as cute as cotton bermuda shorts can be, but hey, they fit. And at 9.99, I was pretty happy with my purchase.

After Costco I went to Publix to get food for dinner (I thought Mister was supposed to bring home the bacon?) and then, finally, got to go home. I was greeted as always, by a smiling G who ran to me and hugged me, hollering "Mommy's Home! I'm so glad you're home!" Then she immediately changed clothes and got in the car so Mister could take her to the pool. Later, mom!

So, as I was editing photos tonight, nose still stuffy and eyes bleary from lack of sleep, I came across this one of G. It was taken on a road trip to somewhere not too long ago, but I remember the moment well. "Look Mama, I made a smile just for you" And tonight I really needed this smile. Just for me.

Need a Baby Fix?

Here you go. I finished Ethan's photos tonight, now I am on to G & Bella's dance pictures :)

Friday, May 23, 2008


Poor Little Man. He woke up at midnight with a raging fever, just as I was heading upstairs to pass out (literally). I took him downstairs and got him some medicines, then made him a pallet on our floor where he slept all night. G also ended up in our room for some reason...I think she was lonely in her bedroom without Little Man. Today has been a day of nothing. I've been resting (the pregnancy thing isn't so good for me), Little Man made himself a nest on the floor in front of the TV (I would've chosen the couch, but he's young and limber), G hung out quietly with us all day without getting to upset that she couldn't play outside. Even Mister came home early and took a rest. Hopefully tomorrow will be a healthier day.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Walk Like An Egyptian....

When I was in 3rd grade, my BFF Susanna Cluthe and I decided we were going to enter the elementary school talent show by doing a dance to "Walk Like An Egyptian" by The Bangles. We tried to make up our own choreography, but 9 year olds who only had 1 year of dance class between them aren't the best choreographers. So we decided to focus on costumes. We were going to wow them with our bikinis and swirling scarves and glistening trays balanced up on our fingertips like the waitresses do at the Italian restaurants. We had really FANTASTIC makeup to use, since Susanna's mom was a Mary Kay salesperson.

When the time came to try out for the show, we got up there and swirled and twirled and walked like Egyptians till we could barely stand any longer, dizzy from it all. We didn't make it. I guess two barely choreopgraphed chubby little girls in bikinis adorned with scarves plucked from their mother's closets carrying silver platters bought at the thrift store weren't exactly what the organizers had in mind.

They gave us bit parts holding the cards announcing the "real" acts. I had to dress up as an eel. It was humiliating.

I still think the audience would've loved our act. It was pure. No help from the parents, no coaching from the teachers; it was all us, in all our little girl glory, proud to be who we were, when we were. *sigh*

What brought back this flood of memories was a song I heard while watching Grey's the other nigh. It was a Walk Like An Egyptian cover song, by The Puppini Sisters. It is fantastic. Drums and strings, folky and bohemian, with enough spunk to still take you back.

I present you, the Class of 2008...Pre-K that is.

So on Friday, G graduated from Pre-K. This was a great year for both of us at her school. We both made some very dear friends and will have memories from this year that we will never forget. (I hope.) Her graduation ceremony was very adorable. All the children came in in their wee caps and gowns and sat through the obligatory speeches from the director and teachers about how great a year it was and how special the children are. It was great to watch the kid's faces throughout all of this, they are really quite little characters. Then, they sang us a few songs (one even included signs to illustrate the lyrics) and received a blessing from the rabbi to carry them safely on through their lives. Very sweet.

You'll be able to pick out G in the pictures...She's the littlest one...the one whose feet still don't touch the ground.
Used my new wide angle lens
Four Huffines, all in a row..... Gran & Grandaddy drove down for the occasion.

She got a certificate
Sea has the cutest Yarmulke ever.

This little one kept sucking her thumb and reaching out to stroke her dad's ear at the same time. It is one of those moments that is so small and precious it just makes your heart ache.

The blessing

The Graduate

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

*sigh* 4 year olds

Last night I made homemade pizza for the children. As G picked at it she asked if she could have chips for dessert. I told her certainly, if she ate all of her pizza. Big chore, I know, eating pizza. Almost as torturous as brussel sprouts and lima beans combined. Well, this really ticked her off and she told me "Mommy, I don't WANT you anymore!" then she paused, thinking. "But I do want the baby."

If you could just incubate that thing and then dissappear that would be great, thanks.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The return of Frankie

I know his family is anxiously waiting for me to finish my processing, so here are a few more from his session to tide them over.

Sneak Peek - Baby Ethan

I took some time out this evening to process a few of Baby Ethan. I know his mom and dad really want a glimpse of the images from his session....