Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sweething: etsy

I LOVE etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade.... their motto is: Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade. Anything you could possibly want to buy you can find on etsy. Last winter, I bought the kids matching hand-knit hats, pink for G and blue for Little Guy. They got so many compliments on them! This red one was the tops, though. So adorable! If you get a chance, go to and get lost for a while...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Have you ever....

had to tell a dear friend that her child has died? I have now.

No matter how grown up your babies get, apparently after they pass, when you close your eyes and picture them, you remember them at the age when they were most precious. For my mom, she sees my brother as a sweet 2 year old, sitting under an old tree in front of the house during the summer of '66, pretending to bring her hamburgers and coke for lunch while she rested in the shade; a relief from the heat of the house which was stifling in the last weeks of pregnancy.

For my dear friend, she sees her son as a quiet, dark eyed, 8 year old boy, always wanting to learn more and more and more about every subject and lovingly doting on his youngest brother.

I hope these memories never fade for them; and that whenever they think of their lost boys they are able to remember them only with the love and happiness of a life lived, not the pain of a life lost.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Superdog! & his trusty sidekick, The Cutest Baby East of the Mississippi

I had the pleasure of meeting my very first Superhero this past weekend. Sure, he was a little small in stature, but he made up for it in enthusiasm. I have a feeling that one day Superdog will be the proud protector and defender of his trusty sidekick, as she is destined to be quite a little beauty.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kindergarten already??

I cannot believe it. G started Kindergarten this week. It has been QUITE an adjustment for all of us.... well maybe not Mister so much. G, Little Man and I are up at 6:15 every morning now. It really is inhumane to force people get up that early on a daily basis. "Why are we getting up in the middle of the night, Mama?" is asked at least once a day.

On the first day, the entire family got together and took G to school. We parked across the street and walked her into her class. Her teacher, Mrs. Oaks, is really fabulous, and she has TWO assistants in her class. 18 kids with 3 adults, I like the sound of that. G is having a great time in Kindy, although she still hasn't learned any of the other children's names yet. She has the worst memory for names... she comes by it honestly; I do also. I will remember a face and a voice for years, but by the end of a conversation I have probably forgotten your name *hanging my head in shame* Don't be offended though, sometimes I forget my kid's names, too.

She started riding the bus home from school on Tuesday (Mister drops her off in the mornings on his way in to work). She looves the bus, especially when I don't fall asleep on the floor with Little Man just before it is time to go and pick her up at the bus stop. Happily we have very sweet neighbors who are kind enough to walk her home.

Wednesday G was the "Super Singer" in music class. Today, she decided she isn't much for T.P. (P.E.)

And so we are now a family with school aged children. Well, child anyway. Scary.