Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Hooper Street Session...

I did a shoot the other weekend on a little side road downtown called Hooper. It was a place where you could just feel the connections between the families who lived there without even having to meet the residents. It was an absolutely magical place where the entire street is the children's playground... it was simply perfect.

I made portraits of M and his little sister J that day. M is a gorgeous little fellow with curly golden locks and a cheeky little spirit just bursting to get out. J was adorable, also, a sweet baby who was way more interested in me than any other 4 week old I've ever met. She also had the cutest baby faux-hawk ever.

I found out that the family has bluegrass connections in their family tree... the first song on the playlist is for them. My favorite Alison Krauss lullaby...

Monday, November 17, 2008

A thief and a crook... the chronicles of a candy addict

So it started back in October... well really it started when she was 2 and climbed the pantry shelves to get at the jelly beans that she *thought* were there, got stuck and contemplated about what to do for half an hour before she called us to come and get her down.

Anyhow, back to October. On the 11th we went to the annual Youth Day parade here in Roswell. This year's theme was conservation and recycling... all of the floats were of the reduce, reuse, recycle genre. As the floats drove past they threw out massive amounts of candy to the children waiting on the sidelines. Save the Earth, Kill the kids. Oh yeah, and litter at the same time ;)

Well, every year we gather enough candy to fill TWO Target shopping bags. And that's without even trying. (There was one girl standing next to us with an upside down umbrella and a "Throw me somethin, Mister" sign, a-la Mardi Gras.) We sort and save this candy, and redistribute it on Halloween.... tacky, yes, but whatever, we get rid of the stuff that's cheap. And here in Roswell, they are pretty good about tossing us good candy anyway.

After being thoroughly sorted, the bags went atop the refrigerator, out of small children's reach... or so we thought. After catching G sneaking candy, oh about 10 times, we moved it to the pantry and locked the pantry doors. Well, each time the pantry was unlocked, she climbed in there and snuck more candy. And this is a girl who is ALLOWED to have candy. The only requirement to get said candy is to either a) ask or b) clean up something.

Eventually, she snuck around with the candy so many times that she lost the privilege of Trick or Treating this year. Harsh, I know. She still had the chance to go to the neighborhood Halloween party, though. After the party, G and I stayed at her friend Abby's house with Abby's mom until the dads and Abby and Little Guy came back, buckets filled to the brim with candy... of which Grace was allowed none. I did give her a bag of Cheetos. Wouldn't you know it, ten minutes later she's going upstairs with her bag of Cheetos, when Abby tells me "Um, grace put candy in her Cheetos bag and is sneaking it upstairs." DAH!

Well, it has been almost two weeks since Halloween and after we threw out all of the candy IN OUR HOUSE I thought perhaps we were starting to shake this candy monkey on G's back. That was, until Friday.

Friday we went to Michael's craft store to do some shopping. Now, Michael's has candy on display at the checkout, which generally isn't a big deal because I have never bought candy at a checkout line... ever. Gum, maybe, but not candy. After Michael's we hit the mall to exchange a few things, and then we were slated to go to Chuck E Cheese as a reward to Grace for reading 100 sight words in one day.

Well, as we meandered through the mall, Little Guy kept badgering G for her purse. He wanted to hold it. He also kept asking her for candy. Now, wanting to hold the purse is a normal thing for Little Guy...he loves lipgloss and bracelets and hair doodads...the candy thing, not so much. I kept telling him that Grace didn't have any candy. After the 3412nd time of him asking her to hold the purse, I told her to just give him the darn thing already. She said "NO!"... hmmm, unusual. So I told her to give it to me. "NO!" she says. Hmmm, very unusual. "Give. me. the. purse." I say. "I put candy in it" she sheepishly admits. But where did she get the candy? Her purse is TINY, and the stuff at Michael's would have been way too big for it.... if she didn't have such good taste.

Inside that little sparkly Mickey Mouse bag I found SIX dark chocolate Lindor Truffles. Well, really only 3 truffles and 3 wrappers. OMG! I have spawned a shoplifter! (A shoplifter with a sophisticated palate, mind you) Needless to say, there was no Chuck E Cheese that night. And then, today, as I am dong the laundry, I felt something hard in the pocket of the skirt she was wearing. No, she didn't... oh yes she did. Ghirardelli squares!!! Oh my....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sweething - wrap me up in your love

So, I wear my kids after they are born. They are generally petite children and as such are extremely portable. I find it much easier to strap them on in a sling and have them near me than to lay them down somewhere and have to go get them whenever they are fussing... all their needs are met with me, so it is easier to keep them nearby. I don't think Little Man was out of my arms until he was 12 weeks old, unless I was photographing him or changing his diaper... or of course when I was sleeping or driving in the car. Don't worry-it didn't harm his development at all... in fact the first time I put him down to "play" for "tummy time" at 12 weeks, he sat up in a tripod sit for half an hour. Funny guy.

Anyhow, I have a lovely sling that my auntie had custom made for me when Little Man was born. Lately, I have become obsessed with Moby Wraps and am itching to get my hands on one for next baby. I saw this one online today...

born free moby wrap

Husband, take note. This would be a lovely holiday present. *wink*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More tea

So here is another of my favorites from this session. Lovely Jenny has a similar image which was made when she was pregnant with Little Miss. This one strikes me because I am quite certain the first image was very beautiful, clean and crisp, everything in order and in place. Now,however, her life has changed. Still beautiful, but messier, in a happy sort of way. Life won't be this untidy forever, that is certain, but for right now, the Tiger ears and the bare toes, the toys strewn across the floor and the just-read books laying nearby.. that is the beauty of right now.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tempest in a Teapot

So, for the past few weeks I have been struggling to get a handle on "Glucose Intolerance of Pregnancy", a diagnosis just short of gestational diabetes. I have been exceptionally stressed out, sleeping very little, keeping a very strict diet, and excercising more than I have in... well... let's not talk about that.

Unfortunately this has all coincided with a time when I am supposed to be editing up a few sessions, one of those being the gracious and eloquent Jenny, who is due with her #2 just a few days before I am due with my #3. Well, I have founf one of my favorite images of the session and wanted to post it here for her. I've never taken one quite like this before, but for some reason I really, really, love it.

There will be a few more to post, I am certain... for now I am off to another shoot.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Did you or didn't you?

Vote... I did, I always do. The wait was only 36 minutes for me... 36 minutes to cast my opinion into the wind.

I would have been happy with either candidate. I feel that both are good men who want the best for the country and its people. I was surprised, however, at the swiftness with which the results came in. A president elect before 11 o'clock? Wow.

Tuesday was a big day for our country and the world, and I am proud to be a citizen of this nation.

And I totally got my free Starbucks for voting... did you ?

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