Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Day...

Motherhood is a series of beautiful little heartbreaks.

Last Day of 5th grade

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I have this friend ...

I have this friend. She chooses her battles. She empathizes with her kids. She doesn't sweat the small stuff. She is FULL of love and joy, even when those around her are not. She worries about losing her tweenager to the sea of self doubt and hormones he is swimming in. She fights for him as much as he will let her.  She is one of the funniest people I  have ever encountered. She does SO much for her family, most of it goes unrecognized, but she rarely complains.  She understands. She is always there for me when I really need her. And we have only met ... Once.  She is one of the the very best moms I know. You know who you are.  Just keep swimming. 


It was a perfectly golden morning, just the kind of day you wish could last forever.

"Come on, love, we don't want to be late on your very last day of Pre-K!"

"But Mom, I need to go get some honeyknuckle first!"

"I will take some for my friends." 

I hope she keeps these friends, forever and a day. They are good ones.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Seriously, people?!

I am SO tired of reading people's posts about how much they hate the end of the school year. Too many parties for their kids, end of the year programs, crazy hair days and teacher appreciation.  How DARE they be asked to send in 500 cupcakes for their kid's 5th grade graduation, I mean REALLY! 

Please, bitches, this is mostly your own doing. Most of you have been the alpha moms, taking over every room parent position, fall festival and spring fling you could; "helping" build your kid's science fair project and making sure your exceptionally gifted child is having all of their very special needs met by their TAG teachers. (Whom you apparently find undeserving of appreciation)

Here's an idea - back off. Relax. Let your kids enjoy their last few weeks of school and let their teachers know that they actually matter, instead of hounding them for the A's that you "deserve".  Say "No, I will not send in the three tier cake you asked me for, even though I said I would at the beginning of the year, but here is a box of Oreos for the class to share instead." Or, have your kid bake the damn thing.

Quit bitching about all the papers and events that your make your kids giddy with excitement. Have them do their OWN projects for once and have a margarita and enjoy it while you watch them learn how to solve their own problems.

And STOP COMPLAINING about how long summer is going to be, before it has even started.  Why did you have kids anyway?  

Seriously, people, you have 18 years when they are yours to enjoy, and only about 12 of those where they still listen to you... Appreciate that. Value them. Enjoy the life that you have NOW... while you still have it.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Huffine Vocab Lessons

Focuntrate (v) (fo•kun•trayt) - the act of thinking really hard about something; alternately- focuntrase

Rememberize (v) (re•mem•bur•ize) - intense memorization, the act of helping someone recall something that is just right there on the tip of your tongue...

Constructions (n) (cun•struk•shuns) - the pieces of paper that come with happy meal toys which tell the reader how to assemble and use such toys; they also appear on the back of temporary tattoos and in board games.

Loveher (adj) (luv•er) - frequently used as a synonym for appreciation when honoring teachers on special days, i.e. Teacher Loveher Day.

MarBall (n) (mar•ball) - small, hard orb that you don't really know how to play so instead you disperse randomly throughout the house.

Onamint (n) (ahn•uh•mint) - something you put on a tree for the holidays

Bored-games (n) (boaarrrd•gaaaames) - games children refuse to play when they are bored because they are too boring.

Icing (n) (i•sing) - a cold pack for a boo boo

Goodbye Pre-K, It's been great...

You taught us to count to eight.
Thank you Mom and thank you Dad
For putting up with the good and bad,
Don't you cry, 'cuz aren't you glad
You're baby's growing up.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Remember when all you needed to fly was someone bigger than you with strong legs and flat feet?

I do.

For me it was my sisters. For my niece and G, and Little guy it was me. For  Little L, it is G. I remember that my sisters used to fly me all the way up until my head touched the floor and then back down again. It was so much fun... an exercise in trust.