Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We got this, sister!

At the bus stop this morning, I actually got out of my car and walked my kids to the curb. Normally, they just let themselves out because often I am not wearing any pants. (Hey! Mornings are tough!) Anyhow, today I wore pants - old paint-splattered pants and a ripped up tank top and a trucker hat to boot. And shoes! Well, flip flops.  It was a good morning.

But I digress. I got myself to the curb with my kids and actually talked to the one other mom that brings her kids to our stop. Now I have "known" this mom for years - same neighborhood, wave at the pool, etc - but rarely have we conversed.  She is beautiful. Fit. Always put together. Works full time. Always wears pants. (Or at least a skirt.)

We talked about the kids' new teachers, our school that we both love, and curriculum night which was held yesterday. I, of course, was yawning and tired, because I did not get home until 9 and then had do do the work of the house and bedtime alone, as Mister is currently in Egypt.  She, of course, was not yawning, because she is seemingly always alert, even though I know she also had to do her nighttime routine alone. She is a single mom, you see.

I mentioned I am a room parent for both my kids' classes this year. She said, "Oh I can never do that stuff", flippantly with a hint of defensiveness and guilt ringing through her words. I cut her off and was like, I know sister! You can't! Someone's got to bring home the bacon!  Working full time is a full time job.

The thing is, I get it, really I do. There are years I am so uninvolved that I hardly know the teacher's names.  There are other years that I am super involved, because I can be. And on those off years, I know that the room parents and teachers and faculty are taking good care of my babies. They have got my back. 

And during the involved years, it is my turn to step up and be part if the village.  Without judgement. Without expectation. 
And definitely not because I am some over involved mom that needs to hover over her kids and know every little detail of their lives.  Simply because I can. This time, I can.

So to this perfect mom, and all the other moms (and dads) in my kids' classes I say,

We've got this, sister! Together, we've got this.

It's gonna be a good year.