Thursday, July 30, 2009


corn \╦łkȯrn\ noun

Definition: Car + Horn = Corn!

Usage: You are caught daydreaming at a stoplight which has turned green, and you hear this proclimation issue forth from the backseat... "Mommy, it's a Corn!"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Flower Girl

These gigantic flower clips are all the rage these days. I bought these on etsy, but do intend to make my own as soon as I have finished turning the basement topsy turvy in search of my dusty, trusty glue-gun. I bought them for LIttle L in particular, along with the white crochet headband to attach them to, since her hair is a faint dusting, at best, but G continually bogarts them for herself. I thought that kind of thing was supposed to be the other way around... little sister stealing from big sister. S'pose it just depends on the coolness factor of the goods.

Notice anything new?

Little guy popped out a new freckle.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blue Cats and Beach Babes

First of all, until recently (which specifically means the American Idol Motown episode) I had forgotten just how much I love the oldies. When I was in 5th grade I saw "Good Morning Vietnam!" and it opened a whole new world of music, to me anyway. The Four Tops quickly became one of my favorite bands and "Love Child" by The Supremes was easily my favorite song of the day. I listened to the records, yes, the vinyls, over and over, the scratchiness of the old needle just adding to the texture of the experience. These old songs are so much FUN to sing, and listen to.. they are easy and simple on the ears, any deeper political or social statements sliding seamlessly into the tunes, so that although they may be saying something, it steel feels like a happy diversion from the doldrums of the regular day. And the best part.... the lyrics are simple to remember. They are still some of the only songs I know all of the words to.

So, whilst waiting in line to get G's face painted at Alive after 5, the band playing in the courtyard struck those familiar six notes, right away I began to sing along. G was stunned that I actually knew a song, and Little L just gurgled with excitement that I was singing something other than Twinkle Twinkle.

Here is G's face... she is a blue cat if you couldn't tell....

The next morning, I went insearch of "My Girl" to add to this playlist, and when I finally found it, I decided I just must post the beach shots I did of Kel's girls, my kids and Stef's girls while we were in FL. This particular evening was GORGEOUS, and although all of my balloons blew away (who needs 'em anyway) the shots I got were spectacular. I will treasure this session, as I will all of the sessions from Florida. I couldn't have asked for a better 2 weeks of shooting.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

C & C

Just a few more before I load the private gallery.

Trying so hard not to forget

As our September babies get closer to sixhood every minute of every day, I am constantly wondering, how did that happen? I am sad that I barely remember G as she once was, a tiny little thing who stunned everyone with her enourmous vocabulary and ability to walk when she was just the same size as the baby is now. Luckily, I have Little L and, being the carbon copy that she is, I can imagine G as a baby simply by changing Little L's eye and hair color in my mind. But it's just not the same....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Jokes

Last night, I was holding Little L on my lap after she'd finished nursing and she was just chattering away. Suddenly, she grabbed my face with both hands, and brought it toward hers. Her lips landed on my chin and she started sucking, like she was trying to nurse on my chin. After a minute she popped off, leaned back, looked me in the eye and laughed, laughed, laughed. Then she did the same thing, though this time she nursed on my cheek. Then my nose, my chin, the corner of my mouth, each time popping off, catching my eye and only then laughing. Like she had to know that I knew that she was being silly before she's let loose with her funny little chuckle. Such a character... and only 5 months old!

Friday, July 10, 2009

C and C and W

When I was down in my hometown, I did a session with a good friend's three children. The oldest, who I remember babysitting when she was just a wee monkey, has grown into quite the big sister. The youngest, whom I had never met in person, has this GIGANTIC personality it a teeeeny little body. And the middle child, the only boy, was feeling rather uncooperative at the beginning, though by the end he'd softened up. Here are a few from the start of the session, just a peek...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rock on!

I just love my Little L to bits. She's just the most squeezable, tolerant, endearing, cuddlesome little peanut that ever existed. It's like she was conjured out of some special kind of magic that only thirdlings know about. You can see it in the way her eyes just sparkle sometimes. She has the power to cheer up anyone with one quick grin, as was evidenced tonight when G became very upset because her friend bailed out on a sleepover. G was practically sobbing, and Little L just started quietly crying along with her. G looked up and made eye contact, Little L gave a half smile, and the world was right once again.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

sweething: Supercook!

Is it 5:30 pm and you are starting to ponder what to make for dinner? Let's say your baby is napping, your 3.5 year old is STILL sitting on the potty trying to finally master not dirtying his pants and your almost 6 year old is a in a very foul mood. You have some meat in the freezer, but it is too late to thaw it out. You have some stuff in the pantry, but every meal you think of to make you are missing that one final ingredient.... what to do, what to do...

Finally! An answer! Go to Supercook! and do a recipe search with the ingredients you have on hand. For example I have kosher for passover ketchup that is too sweet to use for french fries, so it has been sitting in the pantry since April, canned chicken, a can of Coke and some bread.... plug it in the recipe finder and Voila! Super easy BBQ chicken, bake it then serve it as a sandwich. Dinner is done.