Friday, November 6, 2009

Jollie Roger (part one)

So I made this shirt for Little L over the summer, to match some bloomers I bought for her on etsy. It is a black tank with a studded Skull and Crossbones emblem on it and it goes perfectly with the little skulls on her pink bloomers. Little L tagged along while I was shooting MissE, and at one point we stumbled across this green wall with some skullie graffiti n it. Seizing the moment, I plopped her down and snapped a few...

Now that I look at them, they look a bit more alien-esque than Jollie Roger. Oh well, there is always next time. And with the Skull and Crossbones being the most enduring logo ever, I am sure we will find another one to pose in front of soon.

Devil Dog

Zoie's costume this year....

She's a devil dog. Get it? Like the snack cake?

Mister didn't get it either, which sent me on a mission to find the Devil Dog snack cake to prove to him that it DOES exist. I went to 3 different Publix stores, two Target Supercenters, two Super Walmarts and a Kroger, but still couldn't find them. I asked people in the aisles, stock clerks, friends. I described the cake, an oblong chocolate spongecake sandwich with creme in the middle, like a cross between a Twinkie, a Ding Dong, and a Swiss Cake Roll. I finally asked a manager at my favorite Publix if he had them, and he said that they used to carry them, but don't anymore - however the Publix near the perimeter MIGHT still have some in a dusty bin in the back. Who knew snack cakes could be so elusive?